June 2021 Update

June 2021


Pritesh Kapadia

June 18, 2021 • 2 min

Welcome to our fourth episode of Gyana's Monthly Product Update! Another exciting month as we've onboarded our first few beta users onto Gyana 2.0.

A heads up, from now on, all updates will focus on this new big release. I look forward to sharing the product journey over the next few months until we launch to the public 😃 .

Just a few months ago, this new release was just an idea, and now we've got beta users testing it and giving feedback; Gyana 2.0 is coming along very quickly!

Recently, in an iteration retrospective, I asked our engineers what's been the key to building super fast? And I think the answer sums up every Gyanees mindset since we started working on 2.0: "We're going fast as we're combining all the knowledge, user learnings and mistakes from the last 18 months into every piece of work".

Now, let's get to some juicy product updates.

Workflow and nodes

The most exciting change is the user experience for what was our Table feature. Workflows are our new take on no-code SQL.

We've created a drag n drop interface, where you will be able to build complex and straightforward workflows joining our various nodes to clean, transform and model your data. We're really close to essential SQL parity, so get ready to drop SQL for good.

Nodes we recently added are:

  • Distinct: returns all the values which are distinct from selects columns
  • Text: Annotate and add comments to your workflow
App screenshot


Every organisation works with their data differently. Whether you need multiple teams with different access levels or just one team with various projects, we're making the team structure flexible to fit your needs.

This month we added the following:

  • Ability to invite colleagues to your Team
  • A new homepage for an overview of all your projects and manage team members and settings.
App screenshot

There's more!

A few other updates:

  • Email notifications: optional email notifications for when your data has synced. More on the way!
  • Complete list of Filters: All the filters you'd expect for slicing and dicing any data
  • Movable/resizable widgets: In your dashboard, you can now quickly move and size your charts, tables and text boxes to build that perfect dashboard
  • Google Login: Create an account using your Google account
  • New icons: Icon overhaul throughout the app

That's it for this month!

Next update, I'll cover the exciting things we're working on in Dashboards and Integrations.

Have a great month, and if you have any questions for us, do reach out on social or send us an email to support@gyana.co.uk.