Gyana for Ecommerce

A single view of your customer journey

Gyana is the reporting tool you've been looking for. All your integrations, flexible and affordable.

Connect your online store

Gyana supports most commerce platforms, out of the box. You'll have access to the raw data, from products to coupons to shipping addresses.

Bring together all your data

Your marketing channels, store analytics, accounting data and more. Finally, bring it all together in one place, and start to understand it.


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Build your report

Combine data sources to understand CAC, LTV and advertising ROI. Gyana is a like a spreadsheet, where everything is automated.


Prepare your data

Our visual editor makes it easy. Connect data processing steps like Filter Join Formula and watch as automation does all the heavy lifting for you. Your workflows can be as simple or as complex as you design them.

Segment customers • Unify ad channels • Track repeat purchases

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Showcase your metrics

It's like making a presentation, but with live data sources that never break. Drag and drop widgets like Pie Funnel Embed , customize your theme and share branded links.

LTV • CPA • Churn • Profitability • Inventory • ROAS

Customize your report

Yes, it's really that simple.

No data warehouse or spreadsheet messes. With Gyana for Ecommerce, thousands of Gyana customers have built their own custom reports. Want to get started faster? We'll build your reports for you .

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