May 2021 Update

May 2021


Pritesh Kapadia

May 10, 2021 • 2 min

Welcome everyone to our third episode of Gyana's Monthly Product Update! This month's update is a little delayed, but with good reason. We've have been hard at work on a massive, major release. And just wait to read the name we came up with! It's gonna blow your mind: Gyana 2.0. 😅 More on this below!

First, the highlights of April:

We've released a free version of Gyana!

We want to reduce the barrier to data science, and we've taken another step in that direction. Gyana is now free, forever! You'll have 20,000 rows of data you can use in Gyana in your basic account. Remember, you can always delete existing data to upload more data if you hit the row limits.

Help button

We've started building out our documentation and help centre. We hope to add videos and basic tutorials soon.

Select tables before connector sync

We've added the ability to sync only the tables you need from a connector. This helps with row management and time to data too! Only pull in the data you need. You can always add tables at any time from the settings page (see image below).

App screenshot

Select all columns in a table

Want to work with all the columns in a dataset? We've now made it super easy to select all the columns in a table with a neat little button.

App screenshot

Improved filters

We've overhauled the filter experience, with new dropdowns and operators you'll be familiar with like 'contains', 'is any of' and 'starts with'.

App screenshot

Gyana 2.0

We're combining all our learnings and feedback from users in this new release. This will be the most significant update since launch, and we couldn't be more excited to show it to our users. We'll continue to squish bugs, but you won't see any new features until we release Gyana 2.0 to the public.

What you can expect from Gyana 2.0:

  • A complete design overhaul
  • Drag-n-drop workflow builder! (more on this soon)
  • Easy dashboard builder

Other minor improvements:

  • Account settings facelift
  • Add plan stats on data sidebar + account overview
  • Add "Done" button to reports
  • Increased drop zone for column input fields

And that's all for this month!

Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions or suggestions, you can use the chat built into Gyana, leave a comment below, or email